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The Cover of Pureness

Turkish Short Story Book by Nükhet Eren

Published by  Artshop,  March 2010-İstanbul

First short story, ‘’MM’’, is about a manicurist woman in her thirties. Because of her adoration of Marilyn Monroe and her job title with her name, she introduced herself as ‘’MM- Manikürcü (Manicurist) Mahinur’’. Since her teenager years, she has been continuously and closely following Monroe, although she has a real life in such local, social and moral conditions of her lower class family. That short story is also a simulation from the life of actress MM-Marilyn into an underprivileged woman MM-Mahinur. All the person and place names in the story start with M letter. That is to tell how media popularization constitutes the others’ lives around the world.

The second is ‘’Born in Baghdad’’. I have been thinking for long time to write about a woman about my ages, who has been living in Baghdad where is so close to my country. Haife is a teacher and has been living amidst the war for thirty years at her home town. The story is about her struggle to survive with her husband and children within controversy, collapse, shortage and pain in Iraq.  Eventually they can not continue to live in their country any more, and leave with another growing pain.

‘’Adakale’’ was the name of the very small island in the Danube River, where Turkish people had lived on for years. At 1967, a river dam was built and all residents were migrated to Turkey before the island was submerged under the river. The story tells about the island and island life through the memories of two men who had lost their island, their motherland, and had to build their new life as immigrants.

‘’Confused by the Snow’’ is the fourth short story. A man, who made his career in a fundamentalist society, goes to a mountain hotel to give a lecture about abolishing abortion. The beauty of the snow falling outside affects him deeply, so he enters in a wrong conference room where a woman gives a speech about electronic government applications. He is encountered by her speech and her way of thinking. That is, he is not aware of any women freedom rights before.

‘’The Park of Moda’’. A waiter with his burgundy work dressing is serving tea to some people who are seated around five different tables at the Park of Moda, situated on a small cliff at the Coast of Marmara Sea with a view of old Istanbul. The story is based on the conversations of tea drinking people at these tables. It is about the actual matters for them and also for all the society: University entrance examination in current education system, Army Forces at the South East of Turkey, democratic and expression freedom of Kurdish people, financial shortage problems with mafia relations, feelings of two young people for each other.

‘’Physical Therapist Mozart’’ is working at a private hospital to earn money to survive the life of his family, at the mean time he is composing his opera ‘’ Wedding of Figaro’’. After curing people, the story and music of the opera are together in his life with his wife and children at a small house of a small street of chaotic Istanbul.

‘’marchsixteenthofnineteenseventyeight’’ The name of the story is the real date of seven university students were killed by bombing and firing guns at the front gate of Istanbul University. Story is that a young university man who is conflicting with his family because of his socialist activities; conflicting with conservative group because of his political behavior; conflicting with his socialist friends because of his feelings for girlfriends.  The trial of the murdering them was closed because of thirty years time limit.  My story is written for the memories of these seven young students to keep them unforgettable.

‘’Medea’s  Betrayal’’; Euripides’s Medea was reversed in that story as the internet and e-mail files betrayal of Medea to her husband Iason. Medea and Iason are living in alienation environment which is seen as a perfect marriage with their children and welfare. At that story It is Iason who decides to send away their children to punish her wife Medea.

‘’The Opposite Chief of the Hacı Anne (Hadji Mother)’’, An old woman who lives alone in an Ottoman style wooden house at one of the ancient Istanbul regions. After the lost of her husband, she becomes very deeply lover of a politician who is the leader of opposite party. Her main daily activity is watching him on the TV and following his pictures on newspapers. That fanatic love of the Chief would be almost ended the lost her life at a street fight in front of the grocery shop.

Last short story ‘’Karum Kanish’’ is a love story that is placed at the years of bc.2000 at the capital city Kanish of Hittite civilization.  The poultry man, Su-Anum is fallen in love with the slave girl Shinuma who is bought by his infertile wife Hana, to give them a child. The story tells that love pain of man and two women in the rules of society and power of owners are not changed in 4000 years.

You can visit here the Facebook page of the book…

I read the summeries of the short stories, and they seem very fascinating indeed. I wish there was some kind of magic medicine that you could take, which made you know Turkish immediatly 🙂 so that I could read these stories. They seem very rooted both in everyday life, as in political reality and history. And the last one, which deals with a very distant time, that is a very brave idea I think.

Henrik Nilsson


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