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…düşleyin siz de!, dedi, birkaç satırlık küçük düşler, uzun destanların kapısını açar…


Okuyucu İstanbul Sonatı’nda, Umberto Eco’nun; ‘kapalı’ diye tabir edilen metinlerin, sanılanın aksine ‘açık metinler’ olduğunu vurgulayışına örnek teşkil edebilecek bir durumla karşılaşacak. Romanın ana karakteri Hüma’nın yaşadıklarını zaman-mekân birliği olmadan, metinlerarası göndermeler ve olay örgüsünün döngüsel akışıyla okurken, parçaları birleştirmek okuyucuya düşecek. İstanbul’un sokakları ve kentin tarihi dokusunu Hüma’yla birlikte adım adım gezerken, dışarıdan bakan bir ‘göz’de roman boyunca onlara eşlik edecek.

Beş bölümden oluşan İstanbul Sonatı “Göz”le başlıyor ve “Yel değirmeni”, “Hüsn ü Aşk”, “Kroyçer Sonat” ve “Boğaziçi” bölümleriyle tamamlanıyor.
Eşinden ayrı yaşayan, modern bir kadın olan Hüma’nın katı toplumsal kurallar karşısındaki hayal kırıklıklarını, umutlarını ve aşklarını, bir ‘İstanbul sonatı’nı dinler gibi büyük bir keyifle okuyacaksınız.

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İstanbul Sonatı



  1. Leon

    It is good to know Nukhet that imperfection
    is always the key ingredient in absolute perfection…

    It is an illusion that we can only know certain things that God has revealed to us, but what is kept hidden we may not know. The truth is that we can know everything there is to know about the whole universe. All knowledge is mental and we can access any part of it with the mind. It is only the limits of our beliefs that govern what knowledge we may or may not have access to. When you think God is stopping you, you can go ahead and wrest that knowledge from God. You will know that He makes it available.

    The secret of genius lies in using the principle of correspondence to understand all things. By understanding that which is below, you are able to comprehend that which is above, and vice versa. You’re able to know all of reality without going to every place. You can know the whole world without stepping out of the door. The world’s within you. Everything you see on the outside is a reflection of what is on the inside. There is nothing that’s outside your range of perception. You can observe what is there from here.

    Reality is holographic in nature. The part contains the image of the whole. What you find in one area is replicated in every other area. Truth is omnipresent. What is true in one place must be true in every place. Reality has many levels. Subjective truth changes from one level to the next. What is subjectively true on one level becomes very different on another level. The set of rules that govern one level can be replaced by an entirely new one on a higher level. But objective truth stays the same on every level.

    The ultimate nature of reality is mental. We can know everything through reason because everything is made up by it. Reality is consciousness therefore we perceive all things through reason. With the power of reason, you can travel to all levels and dimensions of reality and understand everything there is in each of them. Reason is how you are able to go everywhere from here. All things are made by reason or logos, and when you realize that reason is unlimited, your ability to perceive becomes unlimited.

    There is only one consciousness that makes up the entire universe, and this consciousness is all knowing. Therefore knowledge is universal. No one knows a thing except through the universal mind. If you know something, others can know it to. If others know something, you can know it too. Nothing is limited from your awareness and you cannot limit anything from other people’s awareness. Genius is omniscience flowing into man. All can tap into the universal mind and gain any kind of knowledge required.

    Social reinforcement of self worth is the very reason why many people like to party, socialize and engage in all sorts of frivolous activities to an obsessive degree. By being in the company of people, we feel more secure about ourselves and the way things are going. We feel a sense of sharing into their world and their resources. But when we are by ourselves, we feel so small and empty. We feel that we are not enough. We would rather hang out with other people than face our need of expanding our own world.

    In order to break the cycle of limitation, we have to become enlightened. It is about seeing the true nature of reality and transcending the illusion that the masses are stuck in. We do so first by realizing that other people do not have to be our sources of self worth. When we turn from external elements and start looking within as our source of all things, we tap into the infinite supply that empowers us to be, do and have anything. Realize that the inner world is all you need, and you will freely rule the outer world.

    Focus on creating reality from the higher levels. Seek inspired reality creating and to master creating with effortlessness. Learn to create with less effort, less strain, less stress and to create with more flow, more ease and more relaxation. When you create more effortlessly, things can gel together more easily in framework 2 or nonphysical reality. Creativity and inspiration flows much better. You can accomplish more things because you have more energy and mood to do things. You offer less resistance to outcomes. You can focus and imagine better. You have more mana or mental energy. You are able to maintain vibrational alignment more easily and more often. The idea is to be able to care less, relax more, enjoy more, maintain belief in yourself, focus on clear action that combines logic and intuition.

    Sometimes the manifestation comes when you least expect it. That is good because you can just relax and let it happen. Just keep on asking from time to time. But allow times of asking and not asking, which are times when you are focusing on what you want, and times when you are not focusing on what you want. This is intention and detachment. What you want can come at times when you are not focusing on what you want. When you let go of what you want, it can come to you. The key is to think about it some of the time, and then the rest of the time go your own merry way while not thinking about it, or thinking about other things that do not contradict with it.

    If you look at all the products in the world, you will see that there is only one product of its kind. Each has its own unique packaging, style, name, brand, design, quality and characteristics. No two products are identical even though they are being promoted to the same market. Each product would be made perfectly just for a particular person or group of people. There is always room for your unique product or service in this world. We would never know what yours is if you never allowed yourself to bring it.

    The best gift that you could ever offer to this world is yourself. You are a unique expression of God and by giving what is uniquely yours, you are allowing the rest of us to experience an aspect of God that is unlike any other. Everyone is born original but most people die copies. Be yourself rather than trying to be like somebody else. Express the uniqueness of who you are. Expressing true originality in this world is rarer than we think it is. Those who have the courage to be are the legends we remember.

    Your life does not work when you oppose your soul’s nature. If you want a magical life, you have to drop your inauthentic transactions with the world. You discover your own power when you spend time alone to figure out what you really love to do. Life is nothing but a hollow sham without passion. The world needs you to be an enlightened giver of your dream.

    What do people really want? They want to find work they are passionate about. Productivity explodes when people love what they do. We are not looking for fulfillment as we are already full. We are looking for work that gives us opportunities to give our true gifts. It is something we find ourselves drawn to, something we want to make happen. Something we believe as the ideal.

    You can learn to follow through on those activities that you love and give you a feeling of being open and energized. Just remember doing what you love will open up your energy, and opening up your energy will allow abundance to come into your life.

    Laugh, play, and enjoy your life Nukhet.

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